Fatherless child

"Fatherless Child"


Now I know many of you have heard my story but you haven't really heard Brandy's story. Now some might say "Brandy's story? She's only 8 she hasn't really experienced life. When actually Brendan's death took a major toll on Brandy's life. They never met but she would always see her peers with their dads and it would break her heart. She would always ask "Mommy how come my daddy isn't here?" or "Mommy..what happened to my daddy?" and each time would break my heart. Some say why tell her so young about what happened to her dad? I avoided the questions plenty of times but felt like she should know. As a mother you want what's best for your child and provide everything you can for them. When the one thing they want you can't give...... yea that's a tough one. Later on Brandy suffered from separation anxiety when she was 5 years old right after her grandmother passed. She would not let me go when I would drop her off at school or even step out for a little, because she thought I was going to die next since her dad and naunie passed. I'm saying all this to say...mom's if your child's father is alive cherish that.  I would give all my worldly possessions for my daughter to have at least one day with her dad. I pray over her every day because for her to be 8 and not have her father destroys her, and I never know what goes thru her little mind.