Protect your peace!

Peace- freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility


Infiltrate- To enter or gain access to


Peace doesn’t come easy and when you have it YOU have to protect it. To allow anyone to disrupt your peace after years of not having it is not okay. Anyone can disturb your peace, but it’s all up to you allowing them to do that.


Every once in a while a storm will come and disturb the calming sea, but the question is are you able to handle being rocked back and forth? Are you able to with stand being uncomfortable? When you allow infiltrators in your “circle” it causes a disturbance in something you worked so hard to obtain. Peace never comes easy and when it does there is always someone or something trying to shift it.


PROTECT YOUR PEACE!!! It goes hand in hand with mental stability. Not having peace can cause a war in your mind ( this is not talked about often). Peace for me is everything I need and more! I went 8 years without peace and it drove me to a mental break down. I’ve been by myself for a while just to have peace within myself. I protect my peace just like I would protect my child. You can not allow anyone to disrupt your peace after years of being shaken.

Veronica MosesComment