Raising a Generation Z Baby

What is Generation Z? It's anyone born between 1995-2009 or as some might call it the "iPad area"

I am raising an Generation Z baby and let me tell you it's very interesting lol. I had my daughter at 21 so I never really got to experience the life of a 21 year old. (Now this is a very transparent post no judgement needed) When I turned 22 I was always out partying at a club trying to make up  lost time for me having a baby so young, but what I tried to do for a year turned into 3 years and I lost myself in the club scene. I would go out every weekend and have my mom or dad take my daughter (yup like the memes you see on social media lol) so that I can "live" my life. Eventually I noticed that my daughter was becoming distant with me and would only cling to my mom and at times it ate me up inside. I felt like a failure, I did not feel like her mom but more so her big sister.

Later on in the years I stopped partying and was spending more time with my daughter. As she got older I realized that I did not take my time with her to prepare her for school and life instead I was so busy trying to fill a void that could've been filled at home with my daughter. I was so quick to put a cell phone or iPad in her face to keep her occupied instead of enriching her with education outside of school, extra circular activities and making sure her self esteem was up to par. Some might say I'm a horrible mother for missing out on some of her important milestones, some might say I was young and didn't know any better. All in all I know I made a terrible mistake by letting time go by and not filling my child's head with information and knowing her worth but instead worrying about the next best dance move or if my outfit would get attention. Yes she is 9 and some might say it's to late to get her on track but it's never to late to teach your child something new and make up for lost time. Thank the Lord I have an amazing support system that helped me with her when I was lacking so she is not to far behind. I am very hard on myself and want everything to be perfect but I have to realize I'm not perfect and being a parent does have it's failing moments sometimes. I realized my faults and choose to right my wrongs

Veronica MosesComment