Your words have power!

Growing up as a little girl I had bad self esteem issues. Never thought I was pretty or no one would pay me any mind and use to get made fun off for wearing glasses and having braces. As I got older I still struggle with my self esteem despite the IG pictures and FB posts. 

This day and age image is everything and image can either make you or break you. My daughter is my world and I do anything and everything to protect her from this world. But she to has a little self esteem issue. She compares herself to her friends and wishes at times she looked a little different. I tell her daily that she is a beautiful Black Queen and she is unique in her own way. She use to want her hair always straighten, or blond hair because “it looked so much nice than my black hair”.  

This was/is a little of a struggle for me because again I say I to struggle with image issues, but I never let her see me sweat. I always encourage her to be great and do great things and tell her how beautiful and smart she is. Let’s me are brutally honest and now and days kids so young are taking their lives because of the words people are saying to them. I pray over Brandy everyday to just keep her mind pure and not focus on the “teasing”.

Take the time out to the your kids how amazing they are! Your words if no one else’s mean so much to them. Just look at their reaction once you tell them they can do anything and how amazing they are! 


PROVERBS 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”