Motherhood, work, school OH MY!

Well......I did it!! I got one degree down! Associates in health sciences! And let me tell you.... it was not an easy road.

As you already know I am a single parent (not by choice) working two if not one job, soccer/track Mom, in school and batteling with depression . How in the world was I able to pull all this off?!

Let’s just keep it real for just one second.... it was not easy, I had days where I wanted to pull out my hair and give up becoming a nurse. To some on the outside looking in it looked as though I had it all together but let me tell you the war that was going on! I did not think I would graduate let alone thought I was smart enough (the depression part).

Then on top of that I was making sure my baby girl wasn’t suffering from being a kid. I would take her to soccer/track practices (sometimes my parents did as well when i had major exams) with my computer (shout out to Apple for inventing the MacBook Air 🙌🏾 so convient) attached to my hand with my backpack.

Most importantly thank God for an amazing support system! To my parents, my sister, my daughters God parents, her Aunts and Uncles and everyone that played a part. It was not an easy road but I did it and anyone can do it as well! All it really takes is organization, I had to really organize my time with everything. With a little love, Prayer and support you my friend can do it!! Hold your head up, block the noise out and GO FOR IT! 

Veronica MosesComment