Journey of a Young Mother

Being a young mommy , I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world . Where I find myself today , I don't think I would be if I didn't have these lives that depended on me. What many people think and tell you it is the end of your life is actually the beginning .

My journey as a young mom began in 2001. I gave birth to my little man at the tender age of 16. 

Junior in high school. Thankful for my parents who , (although they were disappointed at first) supported me and encouraged me like no other! 

Learning to take care of an infant was challenging but Mothers instinct kicks right in. 

My advice to young mommys today.

  1. Stay focus on the goals you have in life. No matter what.! 
  2. Surround yourself with those that support you as a mom and not put you down. You need encouragement 
  3. Look at your child as a blessing to your life not a burden or curse .

-Camille Robinson

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