God I’m angry but I trust you!

If you ever had a child that has gone through a Trumatic situation make sure you talk to them after the situation and even during the situation. There is a process to grieve someone, there is a process to understand what has just happened and how the world is now changed.

Four years ago today my daughter lost her grandmother, someone she was extremely close with. I recently had a conversation with her and asked her if she was angry with God. She told me she was because He keeps taking her family away from her. When she said this it really struck a nerve for me because I’ve been where she has been. I know what it’s like to try and trust God and then get hit with something that’s so life changing.

I always knew something bothered her with her father and her grandmothers death. I just never got a chance to really sit and talk with her about it. For her to say what she said kind of allowed me to piece things together as to why she does not like to go to church as much. It’s hard to understand what a nine-year-old is thinking without asking, because you have no idea what they are experiencing. But for her to be only nine years old and to have lost her father and her grandmother and now she is scared of losing me is something that I was not ready for.

I say all this to say talk to your children when they have dealt with a Trumatic situation you will be so surprised as to what their answer is.


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