"Hold up wait a minute Y'all thought I was finished"

2018.... What can I say?! I learned a lot about myself and who was really for me. I learned how to conquer my own personal fears and how to handle certain situations. Let me be transparent...... I have anxiety and tend to panic really bad to the point of shutting down. Now I know some Mom's might deal with this but choose not to talk about it. LADIES IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU WEAK!! Admitting your faults only means you are a step closer to being a better person. My anxiety had me set back on some things that I already had planned out but guess what! I'M NOT DONE YET!!!

I am hard on myself but at the same time I don't give myself enough credit! I have all these ways to make my business better but then I second doubt myself and wonder will anyone care? Will anyone support me? Will this really come off the ground? I've stopped worrying and realized I 'm here, it's happening so lets get it! 2018 might've been a little rocky for me but like Meek Mills said "Hold up wait a minute Y'all thought I was finished"- 2018 is going to end stronger than I started!

This is not being conceded but being confident which took me a while to get here! 2019 I'm ready and I'm coming with a whole different mindset!


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