I'm a better me!

Let's just say this loud and clear NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! The first three years of my child's life I was at the club or I was busy not taking care of my home. To be so honest I was very hesitant to write this post because I started to care what people thought about me and how I raised my daughter. Let me tell you I did not have it all together and I still don't! Each day I am learning something new about myself not only as person but as a Mom as well and boy..... did I surprise myself!

I missed out on some very pivotal moments in my daughters life and I regret it so much. Durning those times my mother had her all while I was trying to find myself, what my purpose in life was and grieving. Now this is not a sad story but a very transparent story which is one of the things my organization is about. Talking openly about my life as a single parent.

Oh how I wish I could go back and do everything all over again, but then again I feel as though it taught we some live lessons. Because I missed those pivotal moments with my daughter all because I was partying and finding a way to grieve my daughter became very attached to my Mom and was at a point calling her Mommy instead of me. Which to be completely honest crushed me to the core. Over the years I then realized that it was no one's fault but mine as to why I missed those moments with my daughter.

Now as she is older I cherish every moment that I can with her because I already missed the first three years and swore to myself that I will never miss a milestone in my daughters life again. Some might say that this makes me a bad parent when I feel as though it was a teaching moment. It taught me that I had to grieve properly, and I had to put her first before others.

Moms cherish your moments that you have because you will not get them back. I have finally been able to own up to my mistakes without kicking myself down and for that I have become a better me!


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