HEY GIRL HEY!!! Well we have made it into a new year with a fresh start over on our goals and dreams. 2018 for some was one heck of a ride and one to remember, for others it was a life lesson and learning ourselves.

For me I learned who Roni was, what makes me happy, how strong I am and what I am capable of. I was in a dark place 10 years ago and now I've seem to glow more than I ever have. Not just noticing it in pictures but noticing it on a physical and spiritual level. I was at a place where I was going to give up on God and did not understand why He was placing me where I was in life. I wanted to be married, I didn't want to be a single mother anymore because it was becoming overwhelming for me. I might not be married now but I am able to to sustain the life of a single mother and I must say I am doing it pretty darn well!!

2018 taught me a lot of what I will deal with and what I won't!

2019 is nothing but positive vibes! So cheers to an AMAZING 2019!! #POSITIVEVIBES🌻


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