Qualified when I feel disqualified

We often disqualify ourselves by trying to be qualified by others. What if your qualification was within yourself? What if you didn’t need to base your worth off of likes and comments? Yes this is a website/blog based on being a single mother, but being a single mother also has to do with self worth. We sometimes do/ post things to get people to qualify who we are as a person, parent, amongst other things. We try so hard to please other people that we lose ourselves in trying to be someone we are not. Yes I know it might be easier said than done but when you’ve put all your time and energy in trying to please people who 9 times out of 10 could really care less about how you are feeling and more so worried about your failures and your accomplishments, you start to miss the insight of the journey you are really trying to take. Life is a journey and within that journey comes rocky roads and smooth sailing. Being a parent or a person in general might make you seem as though you have to be perfect and you can’t have any flaws. When in reality one simple flaw is much better than any perfection. To admit a flaw shows that you are human but to portray yourself as a perfect person will only hurt you. You have to keep up with looks and apperances to satisify people who would not even give you a pot to piss in. Its never wrong to have self confidence but when you don’t know your true self you get lost in a false reality, and that false reality can lead to a lot of should’ve, couldv’e would’ves. Take the time out to know you for yourself and not what people think they know you as. It’s okay to let your hair down but be careful who you allow to do that around. Not every “ I got you” or “ I’m here if you need me” is a covering of protection.


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